Dev Angel

Boosting Developer Engagaement and Retention across communities

Create self-sustaining developer ecosystem

Dev Angel Web App

Create developer communities for your ecosystem and incentivise developers to ask and answer questions

  • Live Debug Sessions to unblock developers
  • Mint a video NFT for every debug session
  • As the solved video answer gets popular, the NFT value increases; rewarding the debuggers
Boost developer retention

Dev Angel AI Discord Bot

Cuts down devRel response time and boost developer retention by 90%

  • nudges devRels about unanswered questions in order of developer priority and urgency
  • automatically answers previously answered questions
  • sends notifications on whatsapp for questions raised by most important developers
Make informed decisions

DevRel and Developer Activity Anlytics

Use Dev Angel github integration to track projects in the ecosystem

  • Conduct hackathons and provide trackable support
  • Track and Incentivize devRel productivity with Proof-of-Mentorship
  • Hire developers with Proof-of-Persistence

Funding Partners

We are thankful to following protocols for supporting Dev Angel with Development Grants


Superteam DAO

Push Protocol